To gain the highest level of benefit from upgrading your energy system, invest in the Energy Trifecta. The power team between a MircoGrid Energy System, our exclusive Climate Saver heating and cooling system, and a Solar Energy System together can bring you the maximum in energy cost savings, the greatest reduction in your carbon footprint, and the fastest ROI.

The Power Team

Independent Micro-Power Production System

MicroGrid System

A dramatic new development in micro power generation, the PowerPlant Micro-Power Production Systems are the world’s only intelligent energy systems designed to respond to the specific load requirements of space cooling (*PowerPlant HA65 only), heating, and electrical power for both homes and businesses. The systems are designed to function as primary sources of power and can be scaled to meet the needs of any size facility. The systems provide uninterrupted, reliable power with no power surges or outages and reduce energy expense by up to 75%.

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Climate Saver Heating & Cooling System

Climate Saver System

In a ground-breaking approach to heating and cooling, the Climate Saver System harnesses the power of ambient light to facilitate all the heating and cooling needs of any facility with no reduction in quality or functionality. The system reduces your carbon footprint by up to 90% and qualifies for advantageous tax deductions and energy incentive programs. By far the biggest benefit is a reduction in energy expense by up to 90% as well as extending the lifetime of the existing power infrastructure.

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Solar Power Production System

Solar Power Production System

A state-of-the-art Solar Power Production System easily integrates with the Micro-Power Production System. This addition provides for an even smaller carbon footprint from energy production and a fully independent local energy system. The energy produced by the system is sent to the Micro-Power Production system where is is then stored and distributed as needed by the facility.

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Energy Storage System

Backup Power Storage System

An efficient battery backup storage system that stores power during times that your system is being adequately powered. That power can then be provided to your facility whenever it is needed to ensure uninterrupted service 24/7.

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