Energy Storage

Our energy storage modules feature SIRUS technology which provides a superior option when compared to traditional electrochemial storage technologies such as Li-ion, LiFePo, and Lead Acid. The units operate without any required HVAC considerations, last for decades, and are maintenance free. This provides a safer and less costly alternative to energy storage.

Benefits Comparison

Benefits Comparison
Benefits Comparison
Benefits Comparison
Benefits Comparison


Attribute Electrochemical
SIRIUS Modules
SIRIUS Electrostatic Advantage
Performance and Operations Value / Benefit
Thermal Runaway High Risk
Fire & Explosion
Zero Risk
No thermal Properties
Fire Safe - Electrostatic energy stored in solid-state material eliminates risk of fire and explosion due to thermal runaway.
Charge Cycles 500 cycles (Lead-acid)
5,000 cycles (Li-ion/LiFePo)
1,000,000+ cycles Very Long Lifespan - 200+ times longer than Li-ion/LiFePo and 2000 times longer than Lead-acid batteries.
Usable Capacity 50% - 80% less than stated
25% - 30% capacity loss over life
100% depth of discharge Highly Efficient - 100% usable capacity. Can be fully discharged & recharged with zero loss of capacity, performance, or longevity.
Charge & Discharge Rate 0.1C to 1C 1.7C to 6C Fast Charge Rate - Up to 60 times faster than ele ctrochemical Lead-acid / Li-ion / LeFePo batteries.
Operating Temperatures -4°F to 122°F (Li-ion/LiFePo)
5°F - 130°F (Lead-acid)
-22°F to 176°F Rugged - SIRIUS Modules run in extreme environments with zero degradation in performance, capacity, or longevity.
Environmental Impact Significant for Mining / Manufacturing & Disposal Minimal Eco-Friendly - No hazardous materials. Fully recyclable and environmentally safe.
Transport Restrictions High Risk / No Fly List
Hazardous materials
No restrictions Safe - SRIUS Modules have no caustic or combustible materials and require no special transport or handling considerations.
Warehousing 3-Year Shelf-Life
Constant Maintenance
Endless Replacement Cycle
45-Year Shelf-Life
No Maintenance
Maintenance Free - SIRIUS Modules can be stored for decades. No maintenance required. Zero degredation in capacity or performance.