System Automation & Controls

Our building automation engineering specialists can customize a software management system to facilitate management and monitoring of your energy production and consumption along with integrated building management controls to monitor and control all aspects of your facility. Our system provides access from anywhere with an active Wi-Fi connection. The system gives you the ability to monitor and control all aspects and devices integrated into the system including heating and air, lights, and setting of preconfigured climate and lighting controls for optimal performance.

Automation Systems Can Include:

Preconfigured Scheduling for Equipment

Allows the building administrator to set up or modify preset schedules for devices that are integrated into the system. This allows for setting specific times lights to be turned off or on, specific temperature settings for the heating and cooling system, and various other options that facilitate the optimization of energy consumption.

Equipment Scheduling

Configuration of Optimal Start Sequence

Allows for setting the optimal sequence that devices integrated into the system will be powered on in a specific sequence to ensure device longevity and optimal power consumption.

Start Sequence Configuration

Environmental Sensors & Response Actions

These sensors rely on incoming environmental changes, detecting either temperature, motion, or light, and respond accordingly. This allows for the lights and the heating and cooling system to respond in a preconfigured manner to further optimize energy consumption and lower overall expense.

Environmental Sensors

Energy Use Monitoring & Optimization

The software monitors the energy consumption and tracks system actions and displays the results in a analytical data format for evaluation. The allows the building administrator to alter settings or add additional configurations to further optimize the system to reach peak functionality.

Energy Optimization

Building Operator Alerts

Optional alerts that can be sent via email, text, or mobile notification to notify the building administrator of system abnormalities, potential issues or outages, maintenance reminders, and other system events.

Operator Alerts

Energy Storage & Usage Monitor

Real-Time information of the energy consumption versus usage for monitoring purposes to monitor system load and capability.

Monitor Energy Storage and Usage

Emergency System Integration

Integration with building emergency devices such as fire alarms, security systems, and security cameras to monitor device functionality and detect any potential issues.

Emergency System Integration

Access Control Security Integretion

Integration with Access Control Systems such as facial recongnition scanners, fingerprint access points, access key card scanners, and push button code locks.

Access Security Integration

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